Precision Manufacturing

CNC Machining Center

CNC machine can automatically process any products and parts directly according to the program compiled by technicians in advance. Because the machining center can complete a variety of processes intensively and automatically, it avoids artificial operation errors, reduces the time for workpiece clamping, measurement, machine tool adjustment, workpiece turnover, handling and storage, and greatly improves the machining efficiency and accuracy.

CNC Sheet Metal Processing

CNC sheet metal processing solves the problems of high precision, complex shapes and large batches of parts in sheet metal processing. CNC Sheet Metal Processing production greatly improves the processing capacity of sheet metal and ensures the quality and output of sheet metal parts. At the same time, the use of CNC machine tools greatly simplifies the production process, reduces processing time and improves production efficiency.

CNC Surface Treatment System

The system is operating one or more machines to undergo surface finishing by digital instruction through computer. With the application of new technology, it is safe, pollution-free and more environmentally friendly.

Industrial 3D Print

Industrial 3D printers apply cumulative manufacturing technology to rapid prototyping. Based on digital model files, 3D objects are manufactured by printing layers of adhesive materials. Put the data and raw materials into the 3D printer, and the machine will manufacture the products layer by layer according to the program. Industrial 3D Print has complete performance, can efficiently meet the individual needs of customers, accurate customization.

RIM & Vacuum Molded Plastic Parts Manufacturing System

RIM process makes the product design more free and random, which can better reflect the designer's ideas in the product expression. The products formed by RIM process have stable size, beautiful appearance (up to class a surface), good impact resistance and anticorrosion (up to the performance of PC/ABS) and have incomparable advantages for forming large-area shells. The system can manufacture sophisticated parts to install on our products so that the products can be safe and reassuring.